Exploring frogs.

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5/15/2022 3 min read

This week we are exploring frogs and pond. We made Claude Monet inspired pond, studied anatomy of a frog and it's life cycle, colored the faded frog and much more. Hope you will find some inspiration!

Claude Monet inspired pond

Algimantas absolutely loves painting but I have decided make it even more fun by using our clear flisat lid instead of regular paper. We used tempera paint, paper lilies and paper leaves. This activity develops creativity, supports emotional wellbeing, improves concentration, builds fine motor skills and gives your toddler opportunity to meet French impressionist Claude Monet. As you can see from the pictures few minutes later paintbrush was replaced by hands. Yes, it looks messy, but finger painting is so fun and useful! It's a great way for children to explore, learn and develop through sensory play, children can feel the cool, squishy texture of the paint.

Sensory play with water beads

It's really simple yet very engaging activity that gives you almost one hour of quit time. You will need water beads (soak them in the water for few hours), few rocks and paper water lilies that bloom in the water. Sensory play encourages learning through exploration, curiosity, problem solving and creativity. It helps to build nerve connections in the brain and encourages the development of language and motor skills.

How to make water lilies that bloom in the water? Draw some and cut some simple flowers (use regular printer (80 g/m2) paper). Color flower center yellow (we glued yellow circles) and fold the petals. Now just put them in the water and watch them bloom!

Coloring the frog

Coloring helps develop hand-strength, offers practice for pencil grip, stimulates creativity, encourages self-expression, improves fine motor coordination and helps develop focus. Algimantas usually use crayons and pencils for coloring but I try to introduce him more high quality art supplies. So this time we used soft pastels - they are really fun because you can easily blend them. One of the most important thing to keep in mind while coloring, drawing or painting is to use high quality art supplies. It gives pleasant experience and helps to fall in love with art. Of course safety first, so choose quality and safe supplies for toddlers and kids.

Want free printable with faded frog? Get it here!

Pond in a jar

Crumbling water, stones, water lilies, little frog and here it is - pond in a jar! We used our wooden jar tray, but feel free to use real jar. If you are wondering what is crumbling water, it's basically of rice and pearl barley died with food coloring. The main advise to make your sensory base to look so beautiful is to use lots of blue shades: sky blue, navy, indigo, teal, ocean blue and of course a little bit of white.

Explore and fave fun!