Exploring mushrooms.

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9/12/2022 1 min read

This week we are exploring mushrooms and woods. We studied anatomy of a mushroom and it's life cycle, colored the faded king bolete and much more. Hope you will find some inspiration!

Where is the mushroom?

We are looking for mushrooms! And... not in the woods. We hid few mushrooms in our sand tray under the crumbling forest. Algis chose the mushroom from our 3-part card musroom set and tried to find it under the crumblig forest. This activity turned out to be a great memory game - Algis was trying to remember where mushrooms are hiding instead of randomly searching for them. Playing memory games can improve other brain functions, such as attention, concentration, and focus. Memory games give space to critical thinking and that helps children nurture their attention to detail, also it can improve visual recognition.

Want free printable with mushroom finding sheet? Get it here!

Explore and fave fun!